Find: mobile gpus better than Xbox 360 by 2014


Qualcomm was the first to tell us that it expects to offer console level GPU performance in the not too distant future, generally hinting that its Adreno 3xx GPUs would get us there. NVIDIA shared this slide (pictured above) with us today that gives its take on where PC, console and mobile GPU performance will land over the coming years. There’s nothing too revolutionary here but it does provide an interesting visual for much of what the GPU vendors have been talking about for the past couple of years. 

The solid lines are estimated performance, while the dotted lines are trends. According to NVIDIA, somewhere in the 2013 - 2014 timeframe is when we’ll get Xbox 360-class GPU performance out of mobile SoCs. The console line only has two points (Xbox 1 and Xbox 360), while the mobile line starts with the original iPhone, moves up to Tegra 2 and then follows Tegra 3.

Find: ps4 coming, will look more like a pc

Smart move, given all sony’s trouble lately

Work on PlayStation 4 underway, may include fewer custom parts

We’ve been living with the current generation of systems for years now, and while Nintendo is showing off its next big thing at E3, there has been very little news about upcoming home consoles from Sony or Microsoft. That changed during a conference call with investors yesterday, when a Sony executive confirmed what most of us expected: a new console is in the works.

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Memorium: Jerry Lawson, creator of cartridge-based video game consoles, dies at 70

Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, the man who invented the video game cartridge, died Saturday morning of a heart attack at a Mountain View, California hospital at the age of 70. His brainchild, the Fairchild Channel F Video Game System, more commonly referred to as the Channel F, came out just one year before Atari’s cartridge-based console, the VCS, opening the floodgates of modern gaming. His earliest foray into consumer electronics began early on, but it wasn’t until he joined Fairchild in 1970 that he really made his mark on the tech industry. During that time, he became the only black member of the infamous Homebrew Computer Club that counted Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack as members. He was honored at this year’s GDC for his monumental contribution to modern gaming.

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